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Apr 5, 2024
Spring has sprung!

It's finally here! Spring has finally arrived and cookouts and mowing lawn and school soon to be out and all that good jazz. All of it is upcoming, and most importantly, much warmer temps! Yayyyyy!

What I'm watching...

So I sit back and monitor Chatro, keep things going, and make sure the site keeps working as normal. So while I do that, I'm usually watching TV so I figured I'd share with you some things I'm watching while keeping tabs on Chatro. Why not right? Anyway, I'll keep the content here pretty much adult in nature so there won't be a lot of Disney (unless Marvel related) or cutesie shit here. Don't expect it either. I'm a big sci-fi, mystery, action movie, popcorn movie type of guy so with my eyes all over the streaming services, I figure I'd share what is out there.

Mar 29, 2024
WATCHED: 3 Body Problem - Netflix - Season 1 - 8/10

This show is based on the popular Remembrance of Earth's Past book trilogy. This series is definitely more cerebral and you could get lost if not paying attention. Basically scientists around the world are dying and a group of scientist friends start to unravel the mystery of why and what all is going on, through clues laid out in the real world, through a strange VR video game, and further digging to find out a deeper meaning of what is to come. It really is pretty good but it can be confusing in places. I definitely recommend it but it's definitely not bang bang zap zap kind of mindless entertainment. Also, the showrunners for this show are the same showrunners of Game Of Thrones. Difference is, this book series is complete so they can't screw up the ending like GoT by having to fill in the blanks that GRRM left behind because his uncommitted ass can't finish the last two books after 8 years (at the time of the final season). So they should do a good job with this show and so don't be afraid to watch it because of them.

Mar 1, 2024
WATCHED: Avatar: The Last Airbender - Netflix - Season 1 - 9/10

I just checked out and binged watched, more like wholly absorbed the first season of Avatar: The Last Airbender. It is the live action version of the popular cartoon series that used to play on Nickelodeon from 2005-2008. M Night Shyamalan tried to recreate its magic in movie form and utterly bombed miserably. I mean that was a steaming turd. Fortunately, I can vouch that this show is definitely in the mold of the animated series and is well done. From the light hearted spirit, to the campy joking, to the series subjects of abandonment, rage, disappointment, fear of loss, and other topics, I recommend any fans of the series to check it out or if you're just wanting some nice fantasy to watch, here you go.

Feb 16, 2024
WATCHING: NCIS / Fire Country / SWAT - Paramount+ - 7 to 8/10

My old shows are back on now that the new season has launched. Remember, the seasons of our favorite broadcast TV shows in the US were delayed because of the writers guild and screen actors guild strikes. Now that those have been resolved, they're back to work and most seasons will be shortened seasons, cramming in as many episodes they can until May-June. I've been watching NCIS since season 1 and it's now on Season 21. Yikes! SWAT is coming to an end with Season 7, featuring Shemar Moore. Fire Country is in its second season but the most popular new show, ratings wise, for 2022-23 All worthy of binge watching on Paramount+ if you want.

Nov 3, 2023
WATCHED: Invincible - Prime Video - Season 2 - 10/10

Invincible has returned! So excited. It's off to a good start. The first season was changed from its source material in some places for the better and Season 2 will be no different. UPDATE: The season finale just dropped this week and it was an epic season and can't wait for season 3.

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