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Feb 24, 2014
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April 10, 2012
The dreaded white chat screen/reload hell

Probably the most common and the biggest technical issue I experience is the dreaded white chat screen. It is a true pain in the ass for most chatters. What is this, you ask? It's the situation where you enter a chat room and the top and bottom frames load just fine but the middle frame is just white like it is trying to load and stalled. For others, it will default to a 404 error in the middle. For some others, it will load the text but the text does not scroll. All of these things are painfully irritating to most.

Everyone wants to blame it on Chatropolis and how laggy it is, how the servers aren't worth a bleep, and get upset because nothing is being done about it. Contrary to that popular belief, most typically this symptom is caused by your antivirus's webshield which is trying to preempt the open stream connection of the Chatropolis HTML chat room. It sees the open stream as a security threat because in most situations a web browser like IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc, opens a connection with the remote web server when you go to an address in the address bar. The browser requests the page information to be sent to it. The web server responds in kind with the most updated files it has stored and communication between browser and web server is brief and to the point. Once all data is loaded, the connection is closed.

Chatropolis rooms are not built like this so these web shields go nuts and try to close off that connection as virus tend to open connections and leave it open in order to transmit information from your end to whatever hacker created the virus. Chatropolis rooms, I rest assure you, merely transmit the data from the middle frame to your end from the server, that's it.

What you must do is look into adding exceptions for* and* to the web/internet/surf shield so it will ignore the Chatropolis chat servers. You could also disable the antivirus program while chatting but I don't recommend that. The biggest issue with that is most do not know where that is within their own antivirus program and there are so many variants and names for it that I cannot know exactly where to guide you in order to add it. I can with AVG and perhaps Norton 360, but there are far more antivirus programs out there than just those two. If you wish for a compatible recommendation for Chatropolis then I recommend Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows Vista and 7 users in addition to MalwareBytes for some of the best anti-spyware coverage that is free on the web.

This combination will keep you safe but allow you to chat without these white screen and 404 issues. This is ONLY a recommendation and not a requirement.

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